Everything supplied by us is grown and harvested in clean, green New Zealand, one of the world's purest sources of superior produce.

Asia Pacific Foods Advantage

We specialise in connecting Asia Pacific customers with the world’s finest and safest products from New Zealand.

Our product access, product range, experience and knowledge of the New Zealand food sector enables us to be able to tailor solutions for customers seeking access to the New Zealand food industry.

The numerous advantages to dealing with APF include:

  • Access:

Through our New Zealand suppliers Talley’s, AFFCO and Open Country, APF can access a wider range of food products than any other Asian Pacific distributor.

  • Direct:

Our local sales team can deal with you directly in your time zone, in your language and in your market. We also deal direct with the supplier avoiding unnecessary supply chain costs.

  • Experience and knowledge

The APF team have a thorough understanding of the New Zealand processing plant and product range to answer any queries our customers may have. 

  • Range:

We will deal with all enquiries including retail/FMCG, Wholesale and Industrial users. 

  • Customer support:

APF have the technical expertise to support our customers at your doorstep.

Please feel free to contact our friendly team about any special enquiries as we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs and wants of our customers

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