Everything supplied by us is grown and harvested in clean, green New Zealand, one of the world's purest sources of superior produce.

New Zealand Dairy

Talleys ice cream is a smooth and creamy delight produced from the very finest of New Zealand dairy ingredients.

We source our Ice Cream products from Talley’s in New Zealand. The lush pastures of New Zealand’s pristine environment and advanced farming practices produce world-leading dairy products that go into the production of Talley’s ice cream.

We offer a wide range of packaging option and flavours; from traditional favourites like Vanilla and Chocolate through to a choice of green tea, berry and fruit flavours and ripples.

Visit the Talley’s website to find out more about the top quality range of New Zealand made ice- creams that they have to offer

Serving you the best in dairy

Open Country Dairy, is a dairy ingredient manufacturer, who produces a range of high quality milk products. Processing top quality milk from suppliers, Open Country Dairy provides a range of milk powders, milk proteins, milk fats and cheeses that are used in a variety of applications including food, beverage and nutritional products. 

Open Country Dairy is fully committed to Quality and their objective is to put customers first in every aspect of our organisation. Open Country branded products have been exported successfully around the world since 2004.

For more information check out Open Country’s website

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