Everything supplied by us is grown and harvested in clean, green New Zealand, one of the world's purest sources of superior produce.

New Zealand Seafood

Clean, healthy, pure, diverse and delicious, New Zealand seafood is full of natural goodness.

Rich in healthy proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids and essential minerals- yet low in calories with a natural quality and flavour which is incomparable.

Wild caught fish are the safest for their omega-3 content and are most nutritious to eat.  We source our products from Talley’s whose seafood is regarded internationally as some of the World’s best by restaurants and food service distributors.

Not a fish farm.

Not a breeding cage in sight.

Premium wild sustainable seafood, from Talley’s New Zealand, with pride.


New Zealand is a small, remote, natural paradise, with an abundance of seafood. Recently it became one of only two countries to achieve a top ranking in a review of fisheries management systems around the world and in a second study was ranked first among the 53 major fishing nations for managing marine resources.

The industry continues to invest considerable resources into the research and development of innovative practices, fishery enhancement, environmental protection and efficient production systems.

Wild caught seafood.

  • Sustainable
  • Drug free
  • Preservative free              
  • Artificial additive free

Visit the Talley’s website to find out more about the top quality range of New Zealand products that they offer.

Sea perch on ice